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We’re no stranger to Creature Clothes. We’ve blogged about their Dog Dozas in the past and also shared how their founder Cosima Pole spends her Nine to Fido so when they offered us their latest product, a dog bed cover, to road test on little Basil we were more than happy to oblige.

The premise of the dog bed cover is to encourage upcycling – making something new from something old. In this case, all we needed was an old single quilt and the Creature Clothes dog bed cover, which for a hopeless crafters like us is the right kind of DIY project. The cover itself is made from faux suede on the sleep-side and emblazoned with over-sized letters simply stating the word WOOF, and a warm fleece on the underside.

Armed with my materials, I made the bed up in front of Basil, who was mostly intrigued by the process (see below) firstly trying to chew the quilt then doing his normal trick of scratching at his intended resting place to get it sleep-ready (in this case the duvet) and then trying to crawl inside the bed cover. However, with the single duvet folded twice over and zipped nicely inside, Basil inspected his new bed and in less than a minute spend the rest of the afternoon snoring his head off.

The process:



Our verdict: fun design, cleared out some cupboard space by repurposing something we’d not used for a while, machine washable unlike Basil’s other slightly stinky bed and managed to keep the little terrorist sound asleep for several hours. Thumbs up!

Basil’s verdict: 9 out of 10 for snore-ability and it offered plenty of room should one of my cat brothers want to cosy up with me for an afternoon nap. Would be happy to recommend to my other anipals. Paws up!

Purchase your ‘Woof’ Dog Bed Cover for £38.50 from Creatureclothes.com.

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