Walking Style: 5 Winter Looks To Steal


After working from home for several months, style standards have slipped and my inner tomboy has taken hold. While this approach may result in comfortable and warm dog-walking attire, Basil is probably feeling none too proud and I’ve got his stylish reputation to withhold. 

Inspired by the ‘teachings’ of my wise friend and editor of fashion and style inspiration blog The Occasional Fashionista and in a bid to be more put together 2014, I shall be look to other fabulous dog-owning beings for inspiration starting with these five celebrities and fashion bloggers …

WEEKEND CASUAL: Anne Hathaway, pictured above, perfects the art of casual chic in the company of her chocolate lab Esmeralda.

WORK OUT: Wendy H Gilmour of UK fashion blog Thank Fifi shows us how it’s done with the help of her Finnish Lapphund and star in his own right Mr K.


LAYERED LUXE: Olivia Palermo’s relaxed, layered look is perfect for milder winter days, and her Maltese Terrier Mr Butler is ever so handsome.


CITY STYLE: pairing stylish sunglasses with a classic coat is the key to Jessica Biel’s city look. Follow JessicaBiel on Instagram for #TuesdayswithTina when the star showcases weekly pictures of her Pitbull.


COUNTRY-WEAR: I love Rosie Londoner’s spin on the classic country-wear combo – Hunters and Barbour Jacket. The cute ball of white fluff is Rosie’s Maltese Yorkie Cross Custard.


Which look is your favourite? Tell us by commenting below.

Photo-credits: Pinterest via Jennifer Clement / Thank Fifi / The Zhush / L-heurebleu / The Londoner

Puparazzi: Mischa
Give a Dog a Home: Maggie the Greyhound





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