Breed Focus: Dachshund


In this month's Breed Focus we turn our attention to the dashing Dachshund a.k.a. the sausage dog, wiener dog (for our American fans), the Doxie or the Daxie Originating from Germany, they were first bred to scent, chase and flush out badgers and other burrow-dwelling animals, or in the case of the miniature dachshund - to hunt smaller pray such as rabbits. However, in today’s world he has a much easier life kicking back as a family pet but that's not to have they have surrendered their digging instincts – their large and paddle-shaped front paws are often used to dig into a blanket or an enticing patch in the garden. 

In the UK the Dachshund comes in six varieties, two sizes – Standards and Miniatures - and three coats: Smooth-haired, Long-haired & Wire-haired and in a variety of colourings and patterns. The Dachshund is playful, intelligent and highly devoted to his owner. On the flipside, the breed can be very stubborn (have fun with your training), is known for their loud bark and can be standoffish towards strangers and other dogs. Health troubles tend to relate to their spine due to their elongated make-up, which may be worsened by intense exercise, excessive jumping or being overweight so be careful not to indulge him too much with servings from the treat jar. Notable Dachshund owners include Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Adele and fellow dog blogger The Stately Hound dog-father to Archie and Brewster a.k.a. the Sausage Brothers. If you are interested in getting a Dachshund pup, visit Thekennelclub.org.uk for more information and a list of assured breeders. 

Indulge your love of the Dachshund with our product picks …


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Own a Dachshund? Send him off in his jollies to the Sausage Dog Hotel in Hertfordshire, where he can hang with his fellow Doxies. Specifically tailored to dachshunds, this hound hotels offers a range of services including long and short term stays, regular day care walking and more.

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