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There’s snow escaping January’s inclement (love this word) weather. Some of you have already had your fair share of the white fluffy stuff, and for those who haven’t, it’s sure to be coming to a ground near you soon! Ensure that you’re clued up and prepared with our handy tips and buys to make snow business a doggy doddle.

Avoid Forced Fun: like their humans, some dogs love to be outdoors, and some … don’t. If your dog has a strong aversion to the cold and wet, and looks genuinely displeased to be outdoors, don’t force them outside it. Instead let them stay in the comfort of their snow globe and offer them extra game-play and toys such as a tasty chew bone to stop them from going stir-crazy.

Keep them Warm: if it’s too cold for you to stand at the door without a coat, then it’s probably too cold for your dog to be out without theirs. While we are always ones to champion style, function trumps fashion when it comes to getting dog coats suitable for snow with warmth and waterproof-ness being absolute musts.

Protect & Soothe Their Paws: snow can easily build up in between your dog’s pads and star to form ice-lumps forming into lumps, which if left to build can lead to burns and chilblains. The same can apply with your dog’s legs and tummy should he be a hirsute hound. A little spread of Vaseline between each paw will help avoid snow and ice taking hold. Alternatively try doggy footwear - read our review of PAWZ dog boots. Post walk, give their paws the once over to check they’ve not picked up any injuries and also dry them off. Should their paws start to look battered by the elements, treat them to a soothing pawdicure with some special paw balm.

Be Extra Vigilant: snow isn’t all fun and games. Ice can form under the snow, and sharp objects such as broken glass could be lurking underneath. Be mindful of these issues when heading out for frolics, as it’s snow joke falling into a freezing iced over pond! It’s also possible to lose your dog in the snow, particularly if there is a snow flurry to disorientate them or they are lightly coloured. A brightly coloured dog coat is a good idea for this type of weather to ensure they are highly visible, and try to keep them close by at all times.

Dry Down: as well as being on paw-watch, ensure your dog is thoroughly dried off with a towel or hairdryer when you get them home to avoid a chill. And you’ll be there BFF if you wrap them up in a snuggly blanket in their favourite spot to snooze off their walk.

You’ll be familiar supermarket chain Waitrose but did you know there is now Waitrose Pets, an online store offering everything for pets from food, toys and treats, accessories and healthcare products from some of our fave brands including Lily's Kitchen, Charley Chau, Frontline, Innocent Hound and Woof & Brew? And if you stock up with an order of £30 or more, they offer free delivery. We’ve pawed through their site for some kit to ensure there’s snow chance you aren’t prepared for the next drop of the white fluffy stuff.


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This post is sponsored by Waitrose Pet.

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