Wellbeing: Winter Care and Comfort for Your Dog


Cram in all the crisp, sunny dog walks you can because according to the forecasts, come next week the weather is said to be taking a turn for the worse, with temperatures plunging to freezing and even the threat of snow in some parts of the country.

While you pile on the winter woollies and stock up on stodge, save a thought for your four-legged faithful, who would also enjoy and benefit from extra comfort and care to see them through the cold days and nights. Here’s our Woof Guide to comfort and care for your dog in the winter months …

Consider where your dog’s bed is placed. Could it be near a draft, or is on tiled and uncarpeted areas both of which are one to extremely cold when the chill takes hold? If yes to any of the above, is there somewhere else he can sleep that’s a little warmer? No matter where your dog’s bed is placed, a fleece blanket to burrow into wouldn’t go amiss or even an old towel. However, we’re most desiring sleep inside Cloud 7’s Dog Sleeping Bag. Just imagine the joy your dog would feel curling up inside this soft and cuddly, tartan grey sleeping bag is lined with 100% natural sheep’s wool. Best of all, it’s foldable with carrying straps on the side making it perfect for Christmas travels. Fetch yours now from Cloud7.de, priced €149.00 upwards.


Fend off the fleas! Not content with being a problem in the warmer months, these pesky parasites still manage to survive during the winter, especially indoors. In our own quest to stay warm, we crank up the heat but by doing so any flea pupae lurking in cracks and nooks come out to play by hatching themselves into adults, who then enjoy the comfort of our home and hound! Keep flea fiestas at bay with on-going protection. Consult your vet or visit your nearest pet shop to get stocked up.

Grooming also plays a part in your dog’s essential winter maintenance. Longer-haired hounds need a well-groomed coat to keep properly insulated, as well as trimmed back toe and paw fur to make snow removal and cleaning easier. Through a combination of outdoor cold and indoor central heating, a dog’s nose can sometimes become dry and cracked but help is at paw with the Dogs Trust Snout Balm. A non-greasy blend of butters and oils such as Mango and Jojoba to deeply moisturise and nourish, the balm is so good that supermodel Helena Christensen hails it her winter "miracle" product. Fetch from Amazon.co.uk.


Just like your home, it takes more energy for your dog to keep his body temperature regulated in winter, so he may need some additional calories. However, that doesn’t mean gorging on pup cakes and double portions, as the cold temperatures can also bring on lazy behaviour. Perhaps Basil Barkarama is permanently cold? Pay attention to your dog’s activity levels and their weight, and adjust their feed accordingly.

To keep your dog healthy and energised, we always recommend the highest quality dog food you can afford but for winter why not consider a supplement to give your dog that extra boost. Ethically approved, dog supplement specialist Pooch and Mutt offer a great all rounder – the Bionic Biotic - designed to aid digestion, skin, coat, weight and immunity. For senior or highly active mutts, you could try Mobile Bones, which promotes healthy joints and bones both of which are prone to getting extra creaky and stiff in the winter months. Visit Poochandmutt.com for more info.


We take a modern approach to dog coats and dog jumpers; fur or not, if it’s too cold for you to stand at the door without a coat, then it’s probably too cold for your dog to be without one too. Granted certain breeds such as the German Shepherd and Husky have a dense undercoat and therefore, have little need for an extra layer but most should have a coat or dog sweater to help them deal with the chill.

As you’d expect, we favour pet apparel offering both style and function, which is why we are crazy for the Billy Wolf Colt Waxed Canvas Jacket from Houndworthy. Not only is it water-resistant but it’s also lined with super-comfy, soft Sherpa faux fur lining for that added cosy factor. Want one for your dog? Visit Houndworthy.com to purchase, priced £62. For the widest selection of dog coats and jumpers around with prices high and low, and in all manners of styles, visit Petspyjamas.com.



Even with the warmth of a dog coat or jumper, there’s still the mud, the rain and even the snow to contend with. Have a towel, warm blanket and a paw plunger to hand, either in the back of the car or in the hallway so you can clean, dry off and warm up your dog after their winter walk. Pet Head’s Dirty Paws Footbath is a portable method of cleaning your dog’s paws of dirt and grime. Just dunk their paw, shake clean and then dry off with the soft micro-fibre towel provided. The soft neoprene top keeps their paw comfortable and helps to remove water from the paw. Priced £9.99 from Muddypaws.co.uk.


It never helps to remind ourselves:

  • Limit time in the cold. You wouldn’t like to be left in the cold for long periods of time and neither would your dog. The wind chill sometimes makes the day colder than it is so if it’s an exceptionally cold day, wrap up warm but keep your walk short and sweet.
  • Be vigilant. Exercise caution when walking or playing with dog near water, especially the frozen kind! They could slip, get injured or even drown getting trapped under the ice. Basil Barkarama is non-too-keen on water after his own little winter dip in a relative’s snow covered pond.
  • Protect your dog from burns. Who’s dog doesn’t like to snuggle up by the warmth? Be careful of them sitting right next to hot radiators and heaters, and ensure your fireplace has been pet-proofed with a guard and such forth.

The above said, we find the absolute best comfort and care comes in the form of a cosy cuddle between you and your canine companion so grab your pup, a blanket and a warm drink, and prepare for a snuggle on the sofa.

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