Event: Support the Fight Against Puppy Farming at Pup Aid 2012


September is already shaping up to be a good month in our doggie calendar – first with Diva Dogs Day at the end of the month and now Pup Aid 2012, an all day festival for dog lovers designed to fight back against the cruel trade of puppy farms.


This exciting four-legged festival, organised by celebrity vet Marc Abraham, will include a celebrity-judged Scrufts dog show with exciting and wacky categories to be enter such as Prettiest Bitch and London’s Coolest Dog, boutique shopping stalls and fresh food for you and the dog to enjoy. Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page will also be introducing the Parade of Rescued Puppy Farm Ex-Breeding Bitches with dogs that were fortunate to survive appalling treatment.


As well as Joanna, Pup Aid is also supported by a hosts of celebs including Simon Cowell, George Michael, Kim Kardasahian, singer Jay Kay, EastEnders’ stars Rita Simons and Patsy Palmer. More recently celebrity dog-mum Meg Matthews, daughter Anais and their Boston Terrier Oscar came forward to support Pup Aid's ‘Where’s Mum’ campaign, which is designed to help educate potential owners about the cruel trade of puppy farming and ensure that they only buy from a reputable and honourable breeder. Meg and Anais signed up to support to this worthy cause after a distressing experience with Oscar, who they suspect may have been the product of a puppy farm after a series of complications in the first six months of his life.

The Pup Aid event and the ‘Where's Mum?’ campaign are designed to highlight the pit falls of buying a puppy from outlets such as pet shops, websites, free newspaper adverts and even motorway service stations, as in most cases they are born on puppy farms – commercial breeders producing pups en-mass in poor conditions. The campaign stresses that buying a dog this way can often result in a sick, diseased puppy that doesn't resemble its picture or breed it's advertised as.

Pup Aid 2012 takes place on Saturday September 8th from 11am-5pm in Primrose Hill, part of the Royal Parks, London. Dog show registration begins at 10am. Entry is free for all but charity donations are welcome. For more information visit Pupaid.org.

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