Love Your Pet Day – 15 Reasons Why I Love This One

Happy Love Your Pet Day! Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Back To School Day or any of the other public day of affection (and boasting), we can't all have the best dog, cat, rabbit, horse or goldfish in the world. But hey, our pets are certainly the best in our world, right? In homage to my furry bestie this 2017 Love Your Pet Day, here’s 15 reasons why I love this one…

1. As per the above, he makes old ladies very happy (I’m turning 40 this May) and he also does a cracking job charming the female residents when we visit our local seniors home for his Pets As Therapy gig 

2. He doesn't complain about my driving… unlike a certain other half

3. When he gets hot or runs around like Animal from the Muppets, his face goes like this

4. He’s testament that I probably shouldn't have kids - cause he’s as nutty as squirrel poop 

5. He’s a great drinking buddy and never turns down ‘one for the road’ 

6. He tells the filthiest jokes

7. He’s a farter, sometimes sharter. He even ‘fartles’ himself with his toots, and it's frickin’ hilarious

8. We like the same food so we never argue over where to go for dinner

9. He goes with everything and sometimes we like to match…

10. His resting bitch Boston face is my endless source of amusement

11. He follows me everywhere, inappropriate bathroom stalking included, and I don’t care... at all!

12. He’s better than any hot water bottle or blanket when you’re chilling on the sofa or feeling cold in bed

13. He gives the best kisses

14. That face! One look at it and I melt

15. He’s limited edition. There’s only one Basil Barkarama and he’s all mine

Basil’s not the only pet in my life. I have two cats, they’re shy and don't do posing for the camera like their fame-hungry, whore of a dog brother.  Winston and Nelson – I love them massively too. Nelson the brave deserves a special shout out. He broke his leg badly two weeks ago, he has pins and a metal brace keeping it stable and he’s confined to a crate for a minimum of six weeks, vets orders. He normally goes by the name Nutty Nelson and I’ve been truly amazed at his good behaviour and the way he’s adapted to his temporary digs. Dragging his RoboCat leg up to his regular donut bed was too difficult so Basil kindly handed over his Charley Chau faux fur blanket to line his crate and keep him super comfy. Now that’s brotherly love. The Pussycat Prison saga continues…

Continuing the ‘Love’ theme on Love Your Pet Day, all the pictures featured in this post are the work of pet photographer Rachel Oates. From personal portraits of your pet through to commercial shoots for pet brands, Rachel is skilled at shooting a pet’s best side. Discover more > Racheloatespetphotography.com.

Standing Out In Canine Camouflage 
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