Pet Style Tip | How To Wear A Doggy Neckerchief Right 

I’ve previously voiced my preference of doggy bandanas over bow ties (refresh in our ‘style guide to doggy neckwear’ post), mainly because the latter tend to get lost on Basil’s pumped up chest. And with all those AW16 trends to nail, and the call to embrace the impending festive season, the doggy bandana is the style hero to see your pup through such occasions. 

Doggy bandanas fall into two camps – the traditional neckerchief style; or the little triangles that loop through your dog’s collar. The loop’ables are an easy, breezy piece to wear but should you want your fashion hound’s look to pack a punch, size-wise this variety doesn't always carry the same style gravitas as the neckerchief. However, fashioning these little beauties to a pooch’s person is not always easy – fold or not to fold, too ruche-y not ruche-y enough? See, you’ve got a whole first world pet style problem on your hands!

I admit, styling a doggy bandana properly was even a fashion enigma to yours truly, and until I collaborated with accessories brand The Distinguished Dog Company for a post back in summer, I too was guilty of sending poor Basil out, failing in his dog model game! Thankfully, The Distinguished Dog Company has come good once again with step-by-step instructions on how to wear a doggy neckerchief right, so you can all breathe a fashion sigh of relief!

Step 1: grab the ends of your dog’s neckerchief/bandana with both hands to create the length that you would like it to be when you put it on them. It also helps to give their accessory a bit of a zhoosh! 

Step 2: put the neckerchief around your dog's neck and cross the ends over each other.

Step 3: tie the first knot, which will determine how tight it is around your dog's neck. Make sure it’s not too tight!

Step 4: tie the second knot. This will secure the dog bandana in place and can be pulled a bit tighter than the first knot, to ensure it stays on when they are out strutting their stuff!   

A big thanks to Tracy and her brand muse Mr Gatsby the Lhasa Apso of The Distinguished Dog Company for their essential pet style tips. Basil wears their Hotsy-Totsy Luxury Neckerchief. Featured in the how-to illustrations is their Sol Luxury Neckerchief. Shop their bandanas, (bow-ties) and more at Theddcompany.com to ensure your dog looks the bees-knees this winter and beyond. 

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