Standing Out In Canine Camouflage 

I appreciate the irony of this post’s title. Camo is all about mixing in with your surroundings to go unnoticed but trust me, pop your pup in Lead The Walk x Fetch & Follow and they’ll stand out in style. Basil discovered this first hand whilst walking through East London one winter’s afternoon. I lost count of the admiring glances, approving nods and ‘how cool does that dog look’ comments he attracted in his camouflage kit. He had some extra strut in his stride that day thanks to his Growlees collar charm, emblazoned with his personal anthem ‘I DON'T WALK I VOGUE’.

The coat is the collection’s centrepiece and it’s 100% a pet style squadron leader but fashion aside, this is a battle jacket that’s ready for war with winter, being both waterproof and warm. A definite contender for your dog’s wardrobe arsenal, the coat is priced £50, with matching collars and leads priced from £30 and up.

Another camouflage contradiction… I don't see us tiring of these army fatigues any time soon. Shop Basil’s look at > LEADTHEWALK.COM and GROWLEES.COM

Photography: courtesy of Rachel Oates of Rachel Oates Pet Photography. Please do not use these photographs without crediting @RachelOates and @Barkarama.

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